The Bible is very clear in pointing believers toward membership in a local Church for our encouragement, protection, and instruction. We seek to carry out this vision through the following process by which to join Brainerd.

1. Request Church Membership

Ways to begin the process include: responding to the invitation at the end of one of our worship services, setting up a meeting with a pastor, or by starting the process by attending the Membership Matters class.

2. Complete a Membership Matters Class

Membership Matters is where the process for Brainerd Baptist membership begins. During this class we communicate our Baptist distinctives and beliefs, and communicate the practical application of our mission: To see God through Christ deliver individuals from the bondage of sin, disciple them into faithful followers of Christ, and deploy them as leaders to the nations. Completion of this class is a Brainerd Baptist membership requirement but anyone who would like to learn more about our Church is encouraged to attend. Classes are offered 6 times a year and require pre-registration. We offer the classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings and they last around 4 hours. The classes are designed for ages 13 and up. Minors must be accompanied by a parent.

3. Participate in a Membership Interview

At the conclusion of each Membership Matters class, the prospective member meets with a counselor to provide basic biographical information and recount God’s converting work in his or her life. Prospective members also provide a brief history of their spiritual background to the counselor. The ways to join the church include: 1) Baptism by immersion, 2) Statement of Faith in Christ, and 3) Request of a membership letter from a former church.

4. The Final Steps of the Membership Process

Once the Membership Matters class and interview are completed, the Church Office will make requests for membership letters from a former Church. Prospective Members who are being baptized are then asked to complete a video taping that serves as our member presentation to our congregation. This is always a special time of rejoicing as we welcome those that God has added to Brainerd Baptist Church. The final step in the process is when prospective members are voted on by the congregation at our quarterly Members Meetings.

Any questions? Contact Paul Christensen