For professional instruction, an effective and safe workout, and little extra motivation, exercisers turn to the BX’s Group Fitness classes. Group Fitness classes offer a variety of cross training options including low impact classes, step training, flexibility training, and a variety of specialty classes. All classes are instructed by fitness professionals and individuals experienced in specific activities.

Class Instructors and Descriptions

Abs: A 15-minute training session focused on core sculpting.

Advanced Fitness: an intense class that utilizes challenging segments of cardiovascular work, muscle conditioning and other athletic drills for a total body workout instructed by Chastity Fryar. (*location: in the Gym)

Fusion: a high-pace group fitness class that mixes different styles of high impact, low impact, and body toning instructed by Kelly Casey.

Fit for Seniors: a low-impact class geared towards seniors involving chair aerobics instructed by Kelly Casey.

Body Toning: a group fitness class that focuses on muscle toning utilizing small weights and aerobics instructed by Tina Tucker.

The Mix: a group fitness class that mixes different types of aerobics like step, high impact, low impact, and body toning instructed by Kelly Casey.

Silver Sneakers: Have fun through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills (Sylvia Greene).

Cycling: 45 minutes of indoor cycling, designed for all fitness levels. Involves various cycling drills that offer an interval cardiovascular workout (Kelly Casey).

Exhale: this class focus on stretching and flexibility and is instructed by Tina Tucker.