Corey Shiply
assimilation director


Corey has been married to Abby since 2007. He's a father to Avi and Jett. He's been a member of Brainerd since 2008. He feels very blessed to be able to provide for his family by serving on staff at Brainerd since March 2014. He grew up in church all my life and walked an aisle and prayed a prayer at the age of 8, but did not begin to follow Jesus until he encountered Him in a Discipleship Group here at BBC.

He's thankful for all of our hardworking and dedicated volunteers and staff. He likes: playing checkers and mancala with Abby, how Avi makes up songs about Jesus, how Jett hugs tight, healthy organic food, trail running, mountain biking, disc golf, basketball, flying airplanes (real ones:), being outdoors, operating heavy equipment (bulldozer, backhoe, etc), The Andy Griffith Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, book club, simplicity, when people ask how you are doing and mean it.

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