Country: Ukraine

General Info: BBC has a partnership inside Ukraine with the Baptist Union. Through the leadership of the MacDonalds and our partnership with the local church, Brainerd Baptist Church periodically goes to Ukraine to lead pastor and discipleship training conferences and conduct eyeglass clinics.

People Groups: Ukrainians

Primary Religion: Russian Orthodoxy

Strategic Partners: Bruce and his family were a strategic partner in Ukraine for over a decade. He faithfully served the Lord through eyeglass clinics, sports camps and encouragement of the local body of believers and church planting. With the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the church has grown under trials and tribulation, just like we see in Acts. Brainerd now partners with Bruce to see discipleship implemented in the Church as it continues to grow.

Serving Opportunities: Evangelism, Developing relationships through conducting eyeglass clinics and sports clinics, Pastor training, Discipleship of believers, and Encouragement of missionaries on the ground

Prayer Requests for Europe

Pray for the continued spread of the gospel through the trials and church persecution.

Pray for the needs to be provided for up to a million refugees displaced by the war.

Pray God will use even displacement of people during this crisis to grow and multiply the church in Eastern Europe.

Pray for believers to embrace and prioritize discipleship and for the development of new leaders.

Pray for fellowship and follow through with projected church plants.