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We deploy our members on a global level.

We believe that God has promised to gather some people from every nation, tribe, and tongue to worship around His throne in the end. (Rev. 7:9) Based on current research, there are roughly 12,000 people groups in the world. Of those 12,000 people groups, 6,000 are considered Unreached People Groups (UPG’s).

Out of those 6,000 UPG’s, 3,000 of them are Unengaged Unreached People Groups (UUPG’s). Basically, that means that two billion people are without adequate access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and currently tens of millions are unengaged (UPG) without a consistent missional witness. Our desire is to be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit to embrace these Unreached People Groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Can you imagine living in a place with no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? For many of us that concept may be difficult to comprehend. However, of the 7 billion people alive today, the International Mission Board reports that 1.7 billion people have little or no access to the Gospel. Billion… with a B! Practically, this means that 1.7 billion people around the world will be born, live full lives, and die without ever hearing the Gospel. They will never see a church. They will never meet a Christian. They will never know that Jesus died for the sins of the world, including theirs! The Apostle Paul asked this question in response to this hard reality, “And how can they believe without hearing about Him?” (Rom. 10:14). As a church that is passionate about the living and active Word of God, we believe that every unreached person on earth should have access to the Good News.

Brainerd is engaged with multiple partners globally that seek to first take the Gospel to those who do not have adequate access to it. It is our desire, as the local church, to partner with members of Brainerd who are sent out long term. We believe it is the job of the local church to equip, encourage and support the ministries that God has called to the nations. Because of the number of Brainerd members currently deployed abroad, we are not currently seeking new partnerships. To learn more specifics about any of these works, carefully read through our partnerships below. Then, contact the missions office, at the link below, to see how God might have you serve with, encourage, and support an existing partnership.

Contact Josiah King in the Missions office for additional information.