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The present and future of Brainerd Baptist is so bright! Last year, during our Harvest Day, you gave generously and sacrificially and the Lord blessed tremendously. This year our attendance has increased by an average of nine percent! We have seen our Hispanic church experience about a ten percent growth since the move to the East Ridge campus! There are so many other things happening that we do not have room to share. You help make that possible by your giving. 

As we look to the future, we plan to expand our ministry through a variety of means, but particularly through the addition of new campuses. We are working on specific campus plans as we speak; these will strategically enable us to reach many more people. The future is indeed very bright!

In order to make these things happen, we need workers of the harvest. Of course we definitely need people willing to jump in and get busy with this work, but more than anything else, we need partners who are committed to passionately praying. We need partners who are happy to give. As we prepare for our upcoming Harvest Day, I encourage you to pray for our church to give well. Pray that every given dollar serves to advance the gospel message of Jesus Christ, and brings great glory to our good King.

Pastor Micah