Brainerd has several strategic partnerships in the Middle East. For their security, they are not listed here. If you would like information about partnerships in the Middle East, please contact the Missions Office directly. 

Country: Israel

General Info: CMI Exists for the purpose of proclaiming salvation in Yeshua/Jesus to the Jewish people first, and also to the Gentiles according to Romans 1:16. Additionally, CMI is committed to teaching the Word of God that believers might be enlightened, encouraged, and equipped.

People Groups: Jewish Peoples

Primary Religion: Jewish

Strategic Partners: Christian Ministry to Israel (mmisrael.org)

Serving Opportunities: CMI and Brainerd Baptist lead a team to Israel every 18months alternating between Spring and Fall semesters. Please contact CMI for the latest information on the next work to Israel.  

Country: Lebanon

General Info: Heart for Lebanon is a faith-based ministry that employs a holistic approach to unconditionally serving the marginalized, rejected and under resourced people in Lebanon, including the increasing number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Rather unique among the relief work being done in Lebanon, they have a three-prong approach to care. They provide transactional, relational, and transformational relief.

Transactional relief takes the form of food & hygiene portion distributions where they are able to address the needs of the whole family, and non-formal education programs, which allow their teams to address the needs of children.

Relational relief is the next component of serving holistically. Once the family has been given practical care in the form of basic goods, they work to address the emotional and spiritual needs of the families through regular home visits, monthly spiritual programs, and children’s activities building lasting and authentic relationships, helping them to share the love of Christ. Once a relationship has been developed, transformational relief can begin, and this is how they then lead individuals and families to a deeper and more long-term level of self-sustainability both spiritually and vocationally.

Heart for Lebanon not only provides for physical, emotional and spiritual needs, they integrate their assistance so that the people are better served and they are able to achieve their mission of discipleship.

People Groups: Multiple unreached people groups

Primary Religion: Islam

Strategic Partners: Heart for Lebanon

Opportunities: This work is in its early developmental stage but will include work with refugees who have suffered and been traumatized in various ways as a result of war and civil unrest. It may include activities with children, counseling with women and children, as well as humanitarian aid.

Prayer Requests for the Middle East:

Pray that partners on the ground will be kept safe for the sake of sharing the Gospel.

Pray that underground believers and churches in these regions would be strengthened by the persecution they endure daily.

Pray that BBC would learn from their examples.

Pray that indigenous believers will have a burden to boldly share the Gospel with their families, friends, and neighbors.

Pray that God would give people in this region of the world, that is often hostile to the Gospel, softened hearts to hear.

Pray that people in this region would have their eyes open to see the false teaching and strongholds, reject them, and put their faith in Jesus.