We have several areas that Brainerd Baptist is intentionally focused on within our community. BBC members that are involved in these areas are part of a team. They are committed and constant and remain involved and engaged, living life within these communities as much as possible. Through their time in these areas, BBC members are more focused on building relationships and spreading the church rather than gathering people to our building. It is our goal to equip believers to both be and grow the church.

Our primary Mission/focus is disciplemaking. We define disciplemaking as: intentionally equipping believers with the Word of God, through accountable relationships, empowered by the Holy Spirit, in order to replicate faithful followers of Christ, who replicate the process in others.

Here are some areas where Brainerd Baptist Church is actively developing relationships in our community:


We work with families and local businesses to develop strong neighborhoods that are safe and self-sustained. Our primary goal within our neighborhoods is to see disciples who make disciples, Lifegroups/Bible Studies, and ultimately the possibility of church planting develop. Some of the ways that we serve our neighborhoods is through Car Clinics, neighborhood associations, community festivals/clubs, clean up and yard work, in partnerships with CHA, HOPE For The Inner City, etc.

Some neighborhoods where we are primarily focused:

East Lake


We are actively involved in making disciples within local jails and prisons each week. Some teams go in facilities and serve directly and other teams do not go in but commit to pray and, in some situations, write letters to inmates. We also work with inmates when they are released to help find jobs and develop healthy friendships, and also to feel welcome at BBC.

It is our desire to give ministry away and give purpose to men and women that are incarcerated. This is in the hope that they will develop a sense of passion for life through giving theirs to our Lord. A lifestyle of discipling others is our aim; it is an invested life that invests in others. Whether they have a life sentence or will be returning to the community and/or families, this purpose is still applicable.

Even though it may be necessary to focus on evangelism in some situations, it is still the goal to present the Gospel in such a way as to equip a local believer with the ability to evangelize the lost and then make disciples.

We serve both men and women weekly in four different facilities. Our current schedule is:

Catoosa Co Jail: Monday 10-11:30am (m/w)
Catoosa Co Jail: Monday 11:30am-1pm (m)
Walker State Prison: Tuesday 7-8:30pm (m)
Hamilton Co Jail: Wednesday 7-8:30pm (m)
Silverdale Prison: 1st & 3rd Sundays 2-3:30pm (m/w)


Our area schools are communities within themselves. We serve teachers, coaches, students, faculty, and families. This may include tutoring, coaching, mentoring, etc.

Some schools where we are primarily focused:

Brainerd High
Dalewood Middle
Woodmore Elementary
Howard High
East Lake Elementary
Clifton Hills


Our teams serve to make internationals – new permanent residents, refugees, and visitors – feel welcome in our community and at our church. Ultimately, through sharing meals, homes, and lives together, it is our hope that these individuals will see Christ and welcome the opportunity to become disciples who can carry the Gospel to their families/friends and home nations.

Our teams serve through:

International Women’s Group
English as a Second Language
Arabic/English Bible Study
Bridge Refugee Services


We have several teams that help support the community by ministering to people who are hurting, suffering with addictions, and/or starting over.

Our teams serve through:

Celebrate Recovery
7th Well
Jobs For Life

Whether serving in the community through volunteering or missional investing in relationships, keep in mind that you represent Brainerd Baptist Church at all times as individual members and in groups.