Life Group Leaders

Serve in classes from kindergarten to fifth grade. Plan and lead a Bible lesson to teach foundational truths each week through the use of lessons, crafts, prayer, discussion, activities, and more. During the week leaders will form relationships with the families of the children through prayer, phone calls, emails, texts, cards, and other forms of communication.

Midweek Leaders and Helpers

Midweek in the Kids Ministry is focused on missions through a program called Children in Action. Leaders will follow the curriculum, plan crafts, activities, service projects all while building relationships with the children in order to share more about Jesus with them.

Time Commitment: Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:45pm

Special Events

Throughout the year, the Kids Ministry has events like VBS, mission projects, and family events. We often need volunteers to help with these events. Volunteer qualifications vary for each event.

Time Commitment: As needed

Contact Katy Elkins or Danielle Rann to begin serving!