Text any of the keywords below to 97000 to begin receiving updates from that specific area of our church. 

Preschool (Keyword: BBPRESCHOOL)
Updates from the Preschool Ministry

Kids (Keyword: BBKIDS)
Updates from the Children’s Ministry

Students (Keyword: BBSTUDENTS)
Updates from the Youth Ministry

Parents Day Out (Keyword: BBPDO)
Updates for those with children registered in Parents Day Out

BX Silver Sneakers (Keyword: BXSILVER)
Updates from the BX Silver Sneaker Program

BX Pickleball (Keyword: PICKLEBALL)
Updates for those interested in playing pickleball at the BX

BX News (Keyword: BXFITNESS)
Updates form the BX about closures and activities

First Time Guest (Keyword: BBGUEST)
Text this if you are planning on visiting any Brainerd campus for the first time

Serve At Brainerd (Keyword: BBSERVE)
For those interested in serving in various areas of Brainerd Baptist Church