Discipleship Spotlight

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Once a month, we will begin highlighting discipleship relationships in our church. We want to celebrate how members of our church body are helping others to become more committed followers of Christ from the Scenic City to the world. This week, we are highlighting Liz Hathaway.

"The Lord has blessed me with godly women, including my beautiful, wiser sister, Misty Thomas, whom God has used to shape me into the still work-in-progress woman I am today. The Lord opened my eyes to precious Madison Bergren when she tripped on the UTC volleyball court and popped up laughing, Miss Congeniality style. 1stCorinthians 3:6 is a special verse for us as one of our favorite pastimes during her volleyball career was tag-teaming for Jesus, a little shake and bake for the Kingdom. We were not shy in trying to live as disciple-making disciples. Through prayer for her teammates and intentionally serving as a vessel for God’s light and love, Mads planted and watered seeds in her teammates; God in His great love, allowed me to join in His work and water those seeds as well. The Lord alone brought the growth in the hearts of sweet Bri Anderson and Dani Szczepanski and when Mads left the UTC volleyball team, Jesus did not, her primary prayer during her volleyball career. Our last meeting before Mads followed God’s call to China included Bri and Dani praying over their older sister - what a beautiful Kingdom moment. The Lord blessed me with sweet Mads, a sister to walk with, learn with, and challenge me to seek after God harder – I praise our Heavenly Father for allowing me to walk alongside His precious daughter."

- Liz Hathaway

If you are looking to explore what a discipleship relationship might look like or you’re willing to disciple someone else, please let us know by emailing lgallon@brainerdbaptist.org.