Is your Christian walk flat? Do you feel like you’re trying to live a Godly life, but it’s just not working? Why do you do things that are hurting you and your relationships? Why do you respond to life as you do? What is going on that hinders our becoming disciples of Jesus? Brainerd Baptist Church brings this course to help its participants to obtain an understanding of why they do what they do despite their being believers, and to discover why there is a disconnect between their beliefs and their actions. This course provides an effective class dynamic. With stimulating materials, videos, and class discussions this 24-week course has proved to be life transforming.

Walking Worthy is a course that has been active in Chattanooga since 2006. Over 600 people have taken the course. In a survey of prior class participants, over 90% reported he/she had recommended this course to another person. Further, from those who were married or had children, 80% said since taking the Walking Worthy class their relationship with their spouse was better or excellent. Also, the parents surveyed, 86% reported their relationship with their children was better or superior after taking the course.

Life is difficult. The challenges we face are not statements of us as bad people. They are expressions of our humanity. Our mistakes are lessons through which we learn what works and what doesn’t. They are clear signals that we are not God, but that we are in desperate need of Him.

It is in the reality of life that we need God and His word to be powerful and alive. It is here we want to know that the Gospel is not for pie-in-the-sky cloud walking, but for daily, dirt-walking, rough living. It is in this context that we sometimes discover that the Gospel has little impact on the way we do life. What is preventing us from experiencing “the abundant life” Christ offered to us? What is missing?

It is here Walking Worthy can contribute by providing tools to identify what stands in our way and to resolve the issues that prevent us from enjoying the freedom that is ours in Christ.

WW is not a class on self-improvement, behavior modification, not a support group, or an accountability group. It is not a class on marriage, parenting, spiritual warfare or a bible study. But, if it is none of these, then, what is it? WW is a class about the transformation of the heart. A transformed heart changes everything.

WW is:

• 24-week program

• We meet 3 hours once a week

• We have 1½ day retreat at midterm

• Ending with a 2-days retreat

Participants discover areas of struggle that robs them of:

• Freedom

• Contentment

• and Peace of Christ offered to us

These areas may include, but are not limited to:

• Abuse of any kind

• Shame

• Neglect

• Rejection

• Abandonment

• Lies the person has believed about themselves others and God


Here are some former participants with their comments on The Walking Worthy course.



• The price for one student is three hundred dollars($300.00). It typically is payable at $150 when the first book is given out at the first class. The second $150 is payable at the half way point when the second book is handed out. The Three hundred dollar ( $300) price per person includes both books, but does not include the cost of the mini retreat, nor the final retreat.

• If students pay before the class begins or at the first class, we give a 10% discount.

• We allow a maximum of 2 scholarships per class of $150 per person based on income

• If a husband and wife couple take the course it within the same time period, the total cost would be $300 for both.

*Groups are not co-ed since the issues and needs of men and women are addressed differently.

Groups are held under the protection of confidentiality. We do not disclose who is in attendance nor what is discussed by others. Each participant will sign a pledge to that effect. Groups will begin when we have at least 12 participants registered.

Classes will be held at the BX. A class for men is scheduled to begin Monday night, September 10, 2018, 6-9 PM led by Ken Rannick. Two women’s classes are scheduled to begin, one on Wednesday morning 9 -12 AM September 12, led by Lisa Hazelwonder. Another will begin Monday night from 6-8 PM October 8th, 2018, led by Elodia Flynn.

Do you desire to experience more freedom, contentment and peace Christ offers to us? Then Walking Worthy is for you! We invite you to join the next available Walking Worthy Class. For more information call Ken Rannick at (423)488-6462

You may register for the class through this link:

Please hurry. Due to the discussion format of some portions of the course each class is limited in size. Availability may be limited.